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Every business must evaluate technology based on how effectively it solves a business problem — but also on the short and long-term financial impact. The bottom line is always … the bottom line. Technology solutions provided by HyperNet Telecommunications are offered using the leasing financial model and are recorded as an operating expense, not a capital expenditure. The resulting tax benefits are readily apparent to any CFO. To the rest of us, it simply means cost savings!

Scalable Solution That Easily Grow With Your Business

You’ll get amazing phone service and a whole lot more. Integrated tools like Call Pop instantly makes phone calls easier and faster.

Capture all of your customer conversations within a single platform. You can finally focus on what your customers are saying — not where they say it.

Launch your phone system in record time. Design phone menus with a simple drag-and-drop Call Flow Builder.

Bring teams together with HD video and audio meetings on one of the industry’s most reliable networks.

Make working sessions easier with completely secure and encrypted screen sharing and file sharing.

Share your screen and video with a live audience on YouTube with built-in live streaming capability.

VoIP call center phone systems are designed to handle higher call volumes than a typical inbound call center. A VoIP call center solution is vastly different than a PBX phone service.

Virtual call centers use VoIP and is run entirely over the internet. You can automate multichannel customer support and self-service options with a VoIP call center system.

See who’s working on what, how the deal is progressing, and if it needs extra attention or help from the team — all in real time.

All calls, emails, chats, or texts related to the deal are viewable in the same workspace. You’ll have context and history at your fingertips.

Automatically send personalized messages, add followers, and tasks for each stage. Eliminate busywork and give every lead consistent attention and close more deals.

Advanced Interactive Voice Response with Conversational AI uses Machine Learning to understand the various ways your customers make requests. With Conversational AI, you’ll be able to offer open-ended prompts and automate routing intelligently.

With natural language processing, powered by Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson, callers no longer need to sit through a long menu of options. They can simply speak in their natural language, state their request, and get the help they need quickly. That’s the beauty of Conversational AI.

HyperNet Telecommunications offers a number of solutions that meet the requirements of HIPPA  (Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act) and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Implemented properly with our assistance, these offerings can help your organization successfully navigate the assessment process.

HyperNet Telecommunications can create integrated hybrid networks from diverse suppliers such as AT&T, Comcast, Lumen, Nietel, and Verizon.

We can utilize SD-WAN technology to lower your costs by using more affordable and commercially available leased lines, as an alternative to more expensive MPLS lines.

Adapt to the hybrid or fully remote workforce challenge without risking network security. HyperNet can help choose, deploy and maintain the right solution for your business.

HyperNet Telecommunications can help plan and implement an effective Business Continuity plan for your company. From basic to comprehensive, we’re able to tailor the right solution for your business.

For example, we offer UCaaS-based (Unified Communication as a Service) systems that run in the cloud, and built to withstand natural disasters. It’s a full-featured communications platform with tools that allow your staff to work anywhere. There’s no better way to both improve the present and protect the future — all without capital expenditures.

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